Welcome to Hamaden

Hamaden (はまでん)は、株式会社浜松電気製作所として約60年、電気絶縁材料関連商社として営業して参りました。この度、創業者から数えて3代目が事業を承継するにあたり、会社名を愛称のHamadenに変更し、新たに各種製品の輸出入、販売及びサービス提供に関するコンサルティングを提供することになりました。


Hamaden has been operating as a trading company related to electrical insulation materials for about 60 years as Hamamatsu Electric, Inc. As the third generation from the founder takes over the business, we have changed the company name to our nickname, Hamaden, and are now providing consulting on the import, export, and sales of various services and products.

Investigations, regulatory compliance, etc. necessary for each preparatory stage for manufacturing and selling chemical, textile, physical and chemical machinery, equipment and supplies, medical supplies, pharmaceutical-related products, cosmetics, food, etc. for industrial and household use in Japan. We will provide maintenance support after the issue is resolved. In addition, we can introduce vendors and partner companies necessary for scale-up, and provide counter services in both Japanese and English, so we provide explanations and interpretation services to our clients’ overseas counterparts.